Cannabis Oil

How Often Can You Use Cannabis Oil

How Often can you Use Cannabis Oil and How Much Should you Take?


One of the first questions people ask when told they should try taking cannabis oil for a health issue, is how often they can take it and how much should they take.
This is because most cannabis products come without information on dosage as they really do act differently in everyone’s bodies and depending upon the strain of cannabis you have just bought.
So how often should you take cannabis oil and how much should you take?
How often can you take it? – It all really depends on you and your needs. Some people buy cannabis products and use them once or twice a week, while others buy them and use them once or twice a day. There are no side effects to taking cannabis products, so however often you want to take it is really fine.
Just be sure you try it a few times before settling into a daily routine as, that way, you will know how it affects you and how it does not. This is important, especially if you will be working or dealing with people outside your home.
How much should you take? – This is also another unknown issue when it comes to taking cannabis oil. The substance affects every single person a different way, so there is no point telling someone to take 2 mg per time only for them to discover they need 25 mg.
Instead, it is recommended that you try various doses to discover the one that will work the best for you.
Starting doses -- Start with a low dose of just a few milligrams and add a couple more milligrams to it every few days. 
At some point, you will usually notice how much better you feel now you have been taking it for a while, and that is the dosage you will want to stick at.