Cannabis Oil


What is CBD Vape Juice?

Cannabis contains various cannabinoids out of which one is CBD or Cannabidiol. CBD is heated and drawn in by use of an E-Cigarette, Vape pen or vaporizer. Nevertheless, it is not mind-altering compared to THC which is also extracted from cannabis and lacks the effects of nicotine associated with smoking.


What are the benefits of CBD Vape Juice?

CBD has a variety of medical uses compared to THC and is preferred since it does not make users get high. In the clinical setup CBD has proven to help treat cancer, nausea, low blood pressure, stress, relieve convulsion, headaches among other health concerns.


Lower doses are preferable for health people looking for preventative care and similar higher doses fight specific diseases therefore it is highly recommendable to consult a doctor to find the best dosage to be used daily.


The good thing is that since it is smoke free one can engage in the same anytime or anywhere without affecting those around you.

Where is CBD Vape Juice sold?

Though there are specific guidelines to buying CBD, sales are completely legal in the United States and the product can be found over the internet. Industrial hemp is usually grown outside the US and imported from various European countries. The high retail prices are a reflection of the high importation fees, manufacturing and development processes or the multiple stages it has to go through in testing when determining potency.


CBD comes in various delicious flavors and can be found in a variety of convenience stores, pharmacies or e-cigarette shops across the country.


How Long Does CBD Vape Juice Last?

Each bottle or cartridge usually ranges from 25mg to 300 mg and averagely can last between 4-14 days depending on the frequency of one’s consumption. At the establishment stages a higher quantity is to be consumed since the body is absorbing CBD however less units are needed over time. For more details click on cannabis oil.